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What to do when show off-line?

3939 views  March 19, 2020

1.The device is low or the device has been disconnected from the power supply;

2.The device is abnormal or malfunctioning;

3.The device is in the configuration state;

4.The router is abnormal or the network is not in good condition;

5.The router is reset;

6.The device is too far from the router;

Common solutions:

1.Fully charge the device or reconnect the device to the power source;

2.Restart the device, if there is a firmware update prompt, please click update;

3.Please shut down for a few minutes, then restart the device;

4.Check the router network to ensure that the router network is good;

5.Please reconfigure the connected device;

6.Place the device closer to the router;

7.Please confirm that the app is the latest version;

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