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Wholesale Cleaning Home Appliances For B2B Industry

2,000,000 EURO / Day on Black Friday

Best Seller Choice on Top 3

95% Service Satisfaction

2-3 SKU on Top 10 in RVC

Welcome to Tesvor, your reliable one-stop shop for high-volume B2B orders. We deliver one-of-a-kind, factory-direct, wholesale prices with volume distribution, leaving you room for a generous profit margin and business expansion opportunities year after year.

Our product involves Robots Vacuum Cleaner, Wet dry Vacuum, Robot Lawn mowers etc. With 8 years industry experience & technology accumulation,our distributors are based in 20+countries, such as America, Germany, Turkey, Russia, Netherlands, Poland etc.

Tesvor was named "Top Smart Home Brand in 2022" by German authoritative media Computer Bild. Meanwhile, in order to provide better customer service, we established service centers in Poland and Florida in the United States.

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Who we are?

Total employees:
600+ staffs
R&D engineers:
150, 80% are PhD
Sales Revenue:
$120 million in 2021
Production capacity:
6 Production Line,
Max 10,000 robots per Day
lnvestment volume in R&D:
over 10% of annual revenue
Number of patents:

What we design?

Tesvor R5 Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner 3-in-1

1. Vacuum and mop in one easy step, streak-free
Only 10s to solve sticky messes: hair, dust, shoe prints, ketchup,coffee stains etc.
2. Convenient self-cleaning frees your hands
No need to take off the brush-Cut cleaning time in half
3. Lightweight and self-traction makes it easy use
Lightweight to take up or down the stairs and whole house cleaning within 15 minutes
4. Quiet operation without disturbing family members and pets
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Tesvor S6 Turbo 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

1. 4000 PA Big Suction Power, Cleaning Efficiency add 300%
Hurricane suction power ensures strong dirt absorption
2. Long Battery Life with 5200 mAh - Ideal for large rooms
Working hours of 100-120 minutes depends on the room situation
3. Smarter Novum "AI" laser navigation technology
Barrier Detection function improves + 200% compare to normal RVC
4. Triple HEPA filter technology
Medical grade filtration effect, suitable for infants and dust sensitive
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Our Sales Policy

Net margin 40%-50%
Low MOQ 200pcs
Strong local marketing Capability
Certificated product Quality, CE, FCC,etc.
2-year product warranty
Region protection

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We are seeking long-term partners for our win-win business.
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