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Customer Service


  • What address do you ship from and delivery time?

    We have 1 warehouse in Spain, 1 warehouse in Germany, 1 warehouse in China and 2 warehouses in the US. 

    Shipping time in the US: 3 - 7 days.

    Shipping time in the German: 3 - 5 days.

    Shipping time in other European countries: 3 - 15 days.

    We will arrange delivery within 24 hours from Monday to Friday, we will send you a tracking number within three days.

    We will arrange the delivery on Monday for the order on the weekend.

    You can contact us through the customer service if you do not receive the products within 7 days, 

  • How often do I need to clean the dust bin?

    The capacity for the dust bin is 0.45L. If will fill up quickly depending on how much debris is on your floor. It can still work when it's full, However, it cannot store more debris, so it must be emptied when full.

  • Why is the power running out quickly?

    This could be caused by multiple issues: Place the vacuum on the charging dock or turn off the power switch when unused. When tesvor uses MAX mode, the fan speed becomes higher and suction power increases, which uses more power, thus draining the power quickly. 3. The battery may be damaged/old. Contact technical support if you have tried 1&2 without success.

  • Why does the robot only work for a few minutes after a full charge?

    The machine was not effectively charged. Kindly confirm if the power switch is "ON" while charging. The battery of new machine loses endurance over time. It is necessary to activate the battery when this happens. Check whether edge wheels, side brush and bristle brush are stuck due to foreign bodies.

  • How do I activate the battery?

    Charge the robot for three minutes, take off the charger, then charge for three minutes again, and then take off the charger for several seconds. Repeat above actions three times. Finally, charge the robot for 12 hours.

  • Why is the charging base not working?

    Check whether the indicator light on the base is shining or not. If not, it indicates that the socket is not compatible with the charging base. If this is the case, use the AC adapter to plug directly into the robot to charge. It is advised not to place the machine into the charging dock by hand, because electrodes of the charging dock are too small to be targeted accurately, which will cause the robot to not charge. It is advised to control the robot back to the charging dock automatically by placing the robot in front of the charging dock and pressing the “HOME” button on the remote.

  • Does the robot vacuum up long hair sufficiently?

    Yes, however, some long hairs will be picked up by the robot will be tangled in the side brushes and bristle brush. Remove accumulated hair periodically.

  • Why does the robot flick dust/debris around?

    The side brushes, which are designed to pull dust/debris toward the vacuum intake, will sometimes flick dust/debris away. This is normal, and the dust/debris will be cleaned in subsequent passes by the robot.

  • Why is the robot getting stuck?

    Check whether edge wheels and side brush are stuck due to foreign bodies, and pick up wires and curtains, as well as frayed carpet edges.

  • Why is my robot falling from elevated places (cliffs)?

    1.The carpet cannot exceed the border of the floor, or the robot will still sense carpet underneath it and fall.

    2.Ensure there are no large power appliances around the cliff, or otherwise appliances will hang off the cliff and guide the robot off the cliff. Please add a guardrail on the edge of the cliff if you can’t move said appliances.

    It can set working time, but can not set end time. You can schedule to let the robot start cleaning from a certain time .It will be back to charging base after finishing or low battery. Please press the clean button on remote control , if needs end early.

  • Why is the power suction reduced?

    1.Please check whether the filter is stained or not, if is, please clean flitter or replace the flitter.

    2.Check whether the suction inlet is blocked by scrap, or this situation meaning under low electric quantity. It is advised to clean and charge immediately.

  • Why has the robot’s cleaning efficiency decreased?

    1.The filter may be clogged. Remover the filter, and clean it with warm water, then let it dry completely, then place it back in the filter slot. If the filter is over 6 months old, it is advised to replace it with a new filter.

    Pick up large items and keep areas to be cleaned open. Clean the side brushes, bristle brush and sensors regularly. Empty the dust bin before using, which will allow for better airflow and efficient cleaning.