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2021 Newest Guide to Select Robot Vacuum, Why say Tesvor M1 is Super Cleaner Robot Vacuum? - Tesvor Blog

2021 Newest Guide to Select Robot Vacuum, Why say Tesvor M1 is 'Super Cleaner Robot Vacuum'?

In the year 2021, robot vacuums have become a must-have cleaning assistant for each family. However, it's undeniable that most of the robot vacuums in the market still have many fatal problems, which caused many customers to worry about whether to buy robot vacuums. the most common circumstance actual user experience is not as good as it advertised before.

Today, we'll teach you to choose a robot vacuum skillfully and correctly. The selecting method which called 'Super Cleaner Robot Vacuum' could effectively help to solve your concerns and choose the best robot vacuum correctly.

First of all, let's talk about


What is a 'Super Cleaner Robot Vacuum'?

The concept was proposed by Robot vacuum's product designers. They analysed 3 core factors that determine the cleaning ability of robot vacuums. and the robot vacuum that can achieve these critical demands and can be performed in practical perfectly, to be called 'super cleaner robot vacuum'. As long as you master this method, it's not difficult to understand the parameters of variety of robot vacuums and make a quick judgement. So, what's the core factors to decide the working capacity of a robot vacuum?


Core Factors to identify if it's a 'Super Cleaner Robot Vacuum'

There’s also the issue of how to know this robot vacuum is a Super Cleaner Robot Vacuum or not. Here are some important factors, including additional tips, to consider if you’re in the market for a robot vacuum.


1. Powerful suction: the most important factor

The suction power (pa) of the robot vacuum could be seen as the strength of a person sweeping the floor. This means, the greater the suction of the robot vacuum, the better its cleaning effect. Almost every time, models lack suction can’t deal well with hard floors. If you have a mix of flooring choose among the best and expensive robot vacuum models.



2. Smart: voice and APP control, variety of cleaning modes

The benefit of apps is that you can check the progress of cleaning when you are not at home, check if the bin is full, set your cleaning schedule, start your machine or send it back to the dock. Connect to Google Home or Amazon Alexa, just tap on the phone screen, to get your home clean immediately.

As you can see, a vacuum cleaner is a device that should have exactly those parameters which you need for your personal use. Keep in mind all the mentioned features to choose the best for you and your family.


3. Battery: The power guarantees the strong suction and long-runtime

If your smart, caring robot vacuum had a heart, you'd find it adjacent to its brushes, behind a screwed-in plastic square: its battery. If your house is not small, then the robot's battery capacity is particularly important.

The battery determines two things: How hard does your robot work? And how long can it work?

Here’s an overview of the robot vacuum——

There are seven main parts to tesvor robot vacuum: Sensors, Navigation System, Motor, Cleaning mode, Charging Dock, Dust Box And Water Tank, and Magnetic Strip, These parts work in tandem to tackle tile, hardwood floors, carpet, and so on. Here’s a quick overview of each part: (Tesvor T8 Anatomy Picture)


4. Navigation system: A better cleaning coverage

The Lidar navigation systems in household vacuum bots shine a laser beam around a room and sense the reflection of the laser as it bounces off nearby objects. The robot uses the reflected signals to map the room and avoid collisions as it moves through the house. (ScienceDaily, 2020)

Three important questions a robot vacuum needs to know: where it is? Where is it located? How does it leave the location?

The use of the gyroscope helps the sweeper accurately detect the running direction and turning angle and can detect the current operating status of the machine in time and feed it back to the main control software to ensure the accurate implementation of the software algorithm.


Additional factors: equally important

  • Robot appearance: As a part of the home environment, the appearance of the robot vacuum becomes very important.
  • Height: Robot Vacuum's body height will affect its coverage of the home, thereby affect the cleanliness.
  • Mapping function: Many cheap robot vacuum models clean a house in a random pattern. They will clean the home well but probably this is not the best way of cleaning. More recent and more expensive models have a mapping function that allows you to make it clean in a more linear fashion and not to go over things twice.
  • Filtration: ****It’s important for robot vacuum cleaners and normal ones that their dust bin has a good filtration system. Most of them have a few of them, including HEPA filters which filter small particles and make floor and air cleaner for people with allergies.

These picks are selected not only based on their performance but also their feature set, design, and price. Keep reading to unlock more recommendations. We have compared some of the most popular models in 2021 to help you identify who is the 'Super Cleaner Robot Vacuum'?


2021 Popular robot Vacuum Comparative analyse

There's a lot to love about robot vacuums, the compact, computerized vacuum cleaners that clean floors without any effort on your part.

Next, let's take a quick look at the configurations of some popular robot vacuum from different brands. Then tell me, who is the Super Cleaner Robot Vacuum?

There are a lot of models of robotic vacuums available today, and they range in price from $50 up to $1,800. According to the data in this model comparison table, we comprehensively considered the four core factors (above-mentioned) of a Super Cleaner Robot Vacuum, you can easily find that the Tesvor M1 is the best one, that is, Super Cleaner Robot Vacuum.


How's its suction?

Adopt Innovative Supclean technology to achieve an incredibly high 4000PA (Max 4500PA) suction. Removes most pet hair, dust, dirt and crumbs on your hard floors and carpets.


What is the 'Supclean' Technology?

Tesvor M1 adopts 'Supclean' technology, which has enhanced two aspects to improve the ability of the robot. One is the gyroscope system, which helps the robot vacuum accurately detect the running direction and turning to different angles, in the meantime the system on wheels could control the robot accurately, and coordinate positioning can be achieved during the whole process of walking. Besides, the system will also detect the robot's current operating status in time and feed it back to the app you use. In other words, no matter where the machine goes, the machine knows exactly where it is. Co-operated with powerful suction, the cleaning effect is even better. With the use of Supclean technology, M1 can cover all the ground and clean it thoroughly.

The appearance of Tesvor M1. Sup-clean technology bears off the honour of Super cleaner Robot Vacuum.


Is it smart and easy-to-use enough?

Works with Alexa & Google Assistant voice commands. Use APP to schedule & monitor cleaning sessions, set cleaning modes and customized cleaning.

Built with highly sensitive Anti-Drop (Stairs Safety) & anti-collision sensors to protect your furniture from scratches and prevent your Tesvor Robot from falling downstairs.


What other advantages does M1 have?

An ultra-powerful battery supports all the work of the robot.5200mah battery capacity provides up to 150 minutes of constant cleaning, 0.6L dusting box and 3-layer filters makes it perfect for large room cleaning, leave your house clean & tidy.


Does Tesvor provide hassle-free after-sale service? 

Start Cleaning task with one-key control and automatically recharge when the battery is low or cleaning is completed. Also, M1 will proved comprehensive after-sale protection, solve your cleaning needs and confidently a 12-months manufacturer's against defects!

Finally, whether you are going to buy a robot vacuum or not depends on one thing——


Do robot vacuums really work for you? You really should get one in need?

Yes, robot vacuums can keep your floors clean. They’re more than a toy or novelty item. Some good ones actually cost less than popular human-driven vacuums. Bots can work well for most people in most homes. If you’re short on time or just hate vacuuming, a robot vacuum will probably make your life easier. They work on most types of flooring, within most floor plans, and with the most common household debris. The key is that bots don’t procrastinate or get bored, so they spend more time cleaning and clean more thoroughly than almost any human. Pet owners in particular seem to gain most from owning a bot, but most people are pretty amazed by how much tidier their floors feel after they buy one. If you run your bot a few times per week or even every day, then crumbs and pet hair will never get a chance to pile up—the mess is gone before it becomes a nuisance, with very little effort required. All you need to do is press start, and the robot figures out the rest (though some models have useful extra features that require a bit of setup). They all (attempt to) return to their charging docks at the end of a session (and usually succeed). You don’t even have to remember to turn on your bot every time you want to use it: Most of them can be set to run on a schedule, and you can turn many of them on through an app or using a voice assistant. Some will even empty their dustbins.

But some people, in the end, can’t get comfortable with the limitations. Try to buy from a retailer with a return policy of at least a few weeks in case the robo-vac lifestyle doesn’t work for you.


That's it!

How do you like this 'Super Cleaner Robot Vacuum'? Our recommendations above are what we think are currently the best robot vacuums for most people. We factor this concept in the suction, intelligence, battery, navigation system and many other aspects. Based on these excellent designs and functions, we believe Tesvor M1 supposed to meet almost all your expectations for a robot vacuum. Please note that, while no vacuum is perfect for every use, most are good enough to please almost everyone, and the differences are often not noticeable unless you really look for them.

Find out more fun on our official website and platforms. Don't be hesitate to share your idea below, love ya.


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