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Tesvor expends connected product line with T8 robot vacuum cleaner - Tesvor Blog

Tesvor Expends Connected Product Line With T8 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Tesvor, a robot vacuum manufacturer today announced its new robot vacuum cleaner - Tesvor T8 starting at 399 Euros. T8 is an enhanced version of Tesvor flagship - X500 that became a bestseller on Amazon.de. Tesvor expects to repeat the success with T8.  T8 based on features on X500 and moreover has simultaneous visual localization and visual mapping navigation.

robot vacuum tesvor T8


The robot has multiple sets of sensors, combined with visual navigation, quick cleaning, and protection of furniture, no matter how complicated the home environment is. T8 has an ultra-thin design, only 8.1 cm so it allows the robot vacuum to clean hard-to-reach areas.

tesvor t8


What is simultaneous visual localization and mapping?

T8 scans the room with a live-time camera and creates a panoramic view of the surrounding environment. The robot vacuum locates the current position in real-time and corrects the next cleaning route to avoid duplications or skipping any areas.

Compared to previous Tesvor series V300 and X500 for gyroscope navigation, camera navigation allows the robot to memorize all the clean and dirty areas.

Tesvor expends connected product line with T8 robot vacuum cleaner


The unique 3-stage cleaning system

This new, improved Robot Vacuum Cleaner utilizes a 3-stage cleaning system with V-shape dual rolling brushes & brushless motor & streamlined air duct design, which offer thoroughly customized cleaning effects. Besides, it provides 50% extra suction pressure. The powerful Nidec brushless engine with long-time use batteries allows picking up of dust, debris, pet hair efficiently, especially on hard floors, thin carpets, and rugs.


Cleaning real-time map

T8 captures visual road signs, creates an accurate map, and provides whole-house planning cleaning. Four independent chips, coordinated with each other, rationally regulate the cleaning path through the VSLAM algorithm, thus achieving efficient cleaning.


Online firmware upgrade

OTA online upgrade function, real-time data search, and update. The more you use the robot vacuum, the smarter it becomes — no need to buy the new with the latest functions.

 Tesvor expends connected product line with T8 robot vacuum cleaner


Intelligent clean: sweeping and mopping

T8 Automatically generates a cleaning map, making a cleaning process more intelligent. It remembers the route and doesn't repeat cleaning on if the flooring is tidy but continues sweeping on remaining areas. Besides this, T8 has 350 ml large water tank. One filling of the tank is enough for the robot to mop the whole house. T8 imitates people’s hand mop providing speed and water volume regulation.


Hands-off vacuuming- Avoid the Obstacles

The Fall Prevention & Anti-collision + Climbing (2 cm max) + Virtual Protection Band (Optional) = Comprehensive Obstacle Elimination. Efficiently enhances the robot's navigation, decrease, and avoids collisions. Avoid stairs or any other kind of collisions!

tesvor expends connected product line with t8 robot vacuum cleaner


Auto Charge- Always prepared to clean

When cleaning completed or the battery is low, the robot vacuum will recharge automatically. Unique navigation + search dual-recharge system location ensures the success rate and efficiency of recharging.

 Tesvor expends connected product line with T8 robot vacuum cleaner


Autonomous one-key plan system

T8 auto plans the path for each cleaning and memorizes the cleaned routes. It auto navigates to clean uncovered areas. Compared with the random cleaning coverage of 60%, T8 cleans effectively and covers up to 95%.


Real smart planned cleaning

App Control/ Remote Control/ Alexa & Google Home Voice Control Smart Features. App finger swipe to set the sweeping restricted area, app refers to which area needs to be sweep.


Use these smart features to direct cleaning, or customize, schedule, monitor cleaning sessions, select cleaning modes, and know the vacuum malfunction cause with your phone. Compatible with Android & Apple

Tesvor expends connected product line with T8 robot vacuum cleaner


Pricing and Availability:

Tesvor T8 is available for purchase in Europe at 399 EUR directly from tesvor.com website on September 1st .


About Tesvor:

Established in 2016 and headquartered in Shenzhen, China, Tesvor is a high technology company specializing in research, development, design, manufacture, and sales of robotic vacuum cleaners. Tesvor global sales network reaches over 30+ countries and regions. Tesvor R&D team has more than 100+ engineers that developed advanced navigation technologies, such as Eslam and Vslam. By integrating the entire industry chain, Tesvor provides high quality and very cost-effective products with industry-leading technology for our customers to make home cleaning even more accessible and more efficient    


For more information, visit https://www.tesvor.com/

For media and business inquiries, please contact avrin@tesvor.com

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