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Laser Navigation Auto-Charging Tesvor- S6 Robot Vacuum And Mop

With the different series of tesvor robot hot sales, tesvor has made a name for itself in the Intelligent Robot vacuum cleaner industry.

Three months after the launched M1, the first laser navigation robot vacuum cleaner of Tesvor- S6 comes to market now. It realizes the function of the Virtual Boundaries set based on the support of the latest laser navigation technology and real-time map and makes the clean sessions are conducted more accurately. Tesvor team wants to fit a more customized cleaning and smarter your home!

Moreover, Tesvor-S6 price under 270 US Dollar on tesvor.com.


Precision Laser Mapping and Navigation

A laser navigation robot vacuum cleaner always is the choice of most people.



Considering the highly developed laser sensor exactly better to scans the whole apartment, so that the cleaning route can be creating on a very accurate virtual map. Besides that, it can recognize and avoid common home hazards that may trip up other robots. From stray shoes to cables, and more.




Advanced Custom Cleaning

With custom mode, you can draw and designate zones on the map of your home and your robot will know which areas need the most attention. And create unlimited custom boundaries to keep the robot away from areas where you don’t want the robot to go.


Use these smart functions to customize your cleaning route to cover all areas that need to be cleaned, and even deep clean a certain location.


In order to let you always feel a clean and tidy room, you can even customize the cleaning plan, schedule time for a robot vacuum, avoid it bother your daily activities. 




Vacuum and Mop


The S6 from TESVOR is also characterized by excellent wiping performance. With the new APP, your personal cleaning needs can be easily set, and the water metered 3 times. Optional minimum, normal and maximum. Just as your cleaning requirements are.



Online firmware upgrade

OTA online upgrade function, real-time data search, and update. The more you use the robot vacuum, the smarter it becomes — no need to buy the new with the latest functions.



Strong endurance and Powerful 2700 PA Suction

2500 mAh battery adapt with the three-level suction can extend working time.

Normal: It works with schedule cleaning mode suitable for night cleaning, and its cleaning times are up to 120 minutes.


Strong: It can easily clean the pet's hair, dust, debrisi, etc. And the cleaning times are up to 80 minutes.

Max: It can deeply clean the place that needs cleaning, and the cleaning times are up to 60 minutes.



Intelligence cleaning system with real-time map


S6 can create an accurate real-time map and provides whole-house planning cleaning.

Four independent chips, coordinated with each other, rationally regulate the cleaning path through the VSLAM algorithm, thus achieving efficient and complete coverage without unnecessary double cleaning.Especially suitable for hard floors, thin carpets, and rugs.




Recharge and resume

Automatically returns to the charging dock when the battery is low, and continues where it left off when charged.




About Tesvor:

Established in 2016 and headquartered in Shenzhen, China, Tesvor is a high technology company specializing in research, development, design, manufacture, and sales of robotic vacuum cleaners. Tesvor global sales network reaches over 30+ countries and regions. Tesvor R&D team has more than 100+ engineers that developed advanced navigation technologies, such as Eslam and Vslam. By integrating the entire industry chain, Tesvor provides high quality and very cost-effective products with industry-leading technology for our customers to make home cleaning even more accessible and more efficient.    


For more information, visit https://www.tesvor.com/

For media and business inquiries, please contact avrin@tesvor.com

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