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How to choose from “the cost-effectiveness king” Tesvor X500 and “the super cleaner robot vacuum” Tesvor M1? - Tesvor Blog

How to choose from “the cost-effectiveness king” Tesvor X500 and “the super cleaner robot vacuum” Tesvor M1?


Under the Gyro-navigation robotic vacuum category,Tesvor M1 and X500 are cheap yet high-quality models in Tesvor family. This guidance will take you to demonstrate and compare the two models in each aspect and function to help you better understand before purchase. We want to make it easy for you to figure out which Tesvor robot vacuum cleaner would be more suitable for your home.


Clients’ story 1

Mrs. Vernita is a housewife, she bought a Tesvor X500 about 3 months ago. What she’s most satisfied with this robot is its integrated sweep and mop together, done at once. This robot makes it easier for her to do the clean work. The only thing she needs to do is tap the start button on APP, then wait a couple of times for the X500 PRO done everything for her. In the meantime, she can read newspapers or preparing the menu tonight. When we email to ask for user experience, she said: "The Wi-Fi-enabled X500 Max has features that I've previously seen only on much pricier robot vacuums, like mapping, App control, and problem spot detection. X500 is one of the only robot vacuums that doesn't get tripped up on my kitchen step, and it's insanely long-lived, with up to 180 minutes of battery life. The dust bin is also slightly larger than average. In a word, it's the best sweeper I've ever had!"


If your budget under $200, and your home is not so big, the Texvor X500 must be more suitable, as it’s well known for cost-effective’s conception. It ideal for multi-room, low-pile carpet, hard floor. X500 PRO with a different color scheme, stronger suction and other additional function and accessories like a water tank.


Clients’ story 2

The other sharing is from Jimmy. This client is a computer engineer. He is busy working every day and feels tired of cleaning his place. Recently he bought Tesvor M1 and tried to save his off time by this. Indeed, in Jimmy's recent using experience, M1 did help him decrease the time spent on home clean. We are honored that our products can help customers reach their expectations yet effectively help them improve their quality of life.


Like any great robot vacuum, Tesvor M1 series bots are intrepid navigators that find debris you’d never catch on your own, without getting stuck on typical household clutter too often. They’re better at cleaning rugs than most other affordable bots, and they’re actually sturdy, repairable appliances that you’ll own for years—not just some gimmicky gadget. 


Next I’ll take you to analyze in detail what is so good about these two sweepers?


Machine appearance, adapt to your home aesthetics.

There are not many differences between M1 and X500 from the appearance. They both use a deep-dark glass surface as the top cover, which looks simple but elegant, and it is also very convenient to be clean. Move to the design of the top button; X500 is only a stop/start button on the top, but there are two in M1 for separate in different functions.

At the same time, they all use a sweeping and mopping integrated design. The M1 also comes with a large water tank, which can save 330ml of water when mopping the floor. When cleaning, use a roller brush to clean, making the carpet cleaner and more thorough.


most robot vacuums, there are quite a few parts that require regular maintenance or even replacement such as irobot, roborock and so on, so recurring costs are rather high. However, with Tesvor M1 and X500, It also good at clearing fine debris, like baking soda, from low and high-pile rugs. 

Under normal circumstances, both X500 and M1 take an S-shaped sweeping route. Clean every area of your house orderly. They can also generate an approximate map and walking track on the APP according to the actual work, thus allowing you to see the cleaning status and results.

Talking about this, I must mention the function of Spot Cleaning. Other vacuum manufacturers, like Shark and Ecovacs, now also offer spot clean. But of these, the Tesvor robots are the least finicky. Tesvor X500 intensively clean a specific area in a spiral pattern, useful if there is an area of dust or debris to be focused on. Under the Spot Cleaning mode, the X500 will Keep cleaning for 2 more minutes. Similarly, M1 also has this function.


The adoption of the technique of ‘Supclean’ has greatly improves the cleanliness of M1. According to our test, base on similar scenario, although after two to three times walk, the two machines almost achieved the same level of cleanliness, but when the robot passes by first time, the floor cleaned by M1 shows slightly cleaner than that of X500.

M1 has a battery with a capacity of 5200mAh; the maximum suction power can reach 4000Pa. And it is worth mentioning that you can adjust the suction power arbitrarily according to your needs. Many models on the market usually have noise problems due to strong suction, but the 'Supclean technology' adopted by the M1 uses unique high-tech methods to reduce the noise generated during the cleaning period significantly. The overview you don't need concern about this.

APP control & Smart Life

Both of Tesvor M1 and X500 are support APP control. A vacuum cleaner with the Home Connect function – Tesvor robot – can be started up and operated from any location.

Your robot vacuum cleaner first carefully scans its environment. As a result, it knows how and where it needs to clean. You can rely upon its special cleaning skills and power.

The Smart system of Tesvor robotic sweepers is convenient and thorough. Once it's networked with Home Connect, you can easily control your appliance using your smartphone and tablet. You can create your cleaning plan so that your robot vacuum cleaner cleans the rooms you want following a schedule, or you can activate your vacuum cleaner spontaneously when there's something for it to do. Your robot vacuum cleaner carries out its work independently and diligently – which means that you save time on household chores and never again have to pick up a vacuum cleaner.

Additionally, both X500 and M1 support the voice remote control of Google Home and Alexa. Efficiently, give your voice assistant command, you can arrange the sweeper to start working.


The combination of sweep and mop

Next, we will analyze their work of mopping. M1 comes with a water tank already, which works with a strengthened suction power and a large capacity water tank. You only need to operate the APP once, and it will automatically complete the task of sweeping and mopping. Although the X500 is not equipped with a water tank in the box, you can buy the water tank accessories from our official site and directly activate the mopping function when you assemble it. It can also achieve the integration of sweeping and mopping.


Overall, M1 and X500 are both Tesvor's star products, many customers applaud them after purchased and used for a period. If you prefer high suction power and powerful cleaning, I believe M1 is a perfect choice. The comprehensive strength of X500 is outstanding as well. However, among all robot vacuums on the market, the cost performance is relatively excellent.


Read to here, do you have the answer in your mind? No matter how you choose, I believe that buying a Tesvor robot vacuum will not disappoint you.


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