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How Does Tesvor Robot Vacuum Work?


With the development of intelligent robot technology, the robot vacuum have completely changed the way we clean our houses and take the hassles out of household chores.


You’re likely familiar with a tesvor robot vacuum and may even own one already. But how does a robot vacuum actually work? Here’s an overview of the robot vacuum.


There are seven main parts to tesvor robot vacuum: Sensors, Navigation system, Motor, Cleaning mode, Charging Dock, Dust Box And Water Tank, and Magnetic Strip,  These parts work in tandem to tackle tile, hardwood floors, carpet, and so on. Here’s a quick overview of each part: (Tesvor T8 Anatomy Picture)


Tesvor robot vacuum  T8 Anatomy PictureTesvor robot vacuum T8 Anatomy Picture


Robot Vacuum Sensor

1.Front view buffer sensor:

11 IR sensors change the direction when the barrier is detected. avoiding colliding.


2.Bumper Induction Sensor:

When the bumper impacts an object, the sensor is triggered and the robot vacuum knows to turn and move away until it finds a clear path.


3.Recharge Sensor:

Communicating with charging dock for the return charge


4.Down view sensor:

down view sensors are at the base of the robot vacuum and these determine the distance between the ground and the bottom of the robot vacuum cleaner. And avoiding the falling and dropping.


5.Edge Sensor:

Edge sensors let the robot vacuum know a wall is nearby, but robot vacuum will follow the path of the wall instead of retreating.


Navigation system

1.Random Navigation:

The robot vacuum cleaning in a random direction.


2.Gyroscope Navigation:

Tesvor M1 and tesvor X500 Using an advanced gyroscope technology. You can get them directly from tesvor.com.


3.Visual Navigation:

Visual navigation of the Robot vacuum is to achieve positioning through the camera. A Robot vacuum equipped with such a positioning system will have a camera on the top, and a complex algorithm enables the robot vacuum to position itself by sensing an optical image composed of light points with different brightness.


Tesvor T8 has visual localization and visual mapping navigation. It's available for 219 USD directly from tesvor.com.


4.Lasers Navigation:

The laser-guided Robot vacuum cleaner adopts the LDS lidar scanning to determine its position. The laser is fired by high-speed rotation, and then the distance between itself and the obstacle is judged by the reflection time of the obstacle after the laser is fired, so as to judge the relative position and realize positioning.


Tesvor- S6 Using lasers navigation. You can get it directly from tesvor.com.



1.Left and right side brush motor (brush motor)

The two side brushes use brushed motor drivers. bidirectional wheels are extremely useful in detangling a robot or enabling it to change direction from a difficult spot.

2.Roller motor (brush motor)

The main roller brush uses a brushed motor that sits in the center of the vacuum robot for agitating and pulling dirt off the floor.

3.Fan motor (brushless motor)



Cleaning mode

The tesvor robot vacuum is equipped with two side brushes and main roller brush.

The side brushes work together to catch dirt, dust, hair, and debris from corners and edges to the center main brush.

Main roller brush grab pet’s hair and debris with its bristles, and remove the dirt, dust, stains with its rubber roller from your floors. 



Charging Dock

By emitting IR rays, the robot vacuum can sense the position of the charging dock. The Launch distance is 6M.




Dust Box And Water Tank

Interchangeable dust box and electric control water tank

Replace the electric controlled water tank to switch to the wet mopping mode. The intelligent APP controls the water release, there is no water seepage when the robot vacuum stops, and strong wet mopping action can be achieved.

You can get the water tank directly from tesvor.com.

Note: please do read the user manual carefully before using the water tank.


Magnetic Strip

The magnetic strip effectively prevent your robot vacuum across the region you don’t need to clean.

There is a Hall sensor on the front wheel of the robot vacuum. When the magnetic Strip is sensed, the robot vacuum will be prohibited from passing.

You can get the magnetic strip directly from tesvor.com.


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