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Compare with Tesvor S6, what great changes have S4 made? - Tesvor Blog

Compare with Tesvor S6, what great changes have S4 made?

Nowadays, robot vacuums are becoming more and more popular, and they have become one of the "new era small-household appliances." Many brands are equipped with navigation systems that can map or model indoor areas to plan clean-route, saving energy and improving efficiency in recent years.   

Tesvor has several excellent quality laser navigation sweepers, including our latest product, S4. This article will take you to understand the direct differences and advantages of S4 and S6, help you to find the most suitable machine for you. First, let's look at what methods they use for cleaning.

The laser navigation technology uses multi-point ranging in various directions and then two-dimensional mapping or three-dimensional modeling while determining the position of the sweeping robot itself.


How does S4 and S6 clean your home?

Before cleaning, both of Tesvor S4 and S6 can scan the entire room to be cleaned once with its unique intelligent laser. It creates a virtual room map, and the system can save the maps in the system. You can easily see it in Tesvor app. The ultimate optimized AI technology can recognize your living space in every corner so that S4 can almost reach complete clean coverage.

The suction and power comparison

Tesvor S4 has a suction power of 2200Pa, which can suck up garbage in the house well while ensuring a low noise working state. The battery life is up to 120 minutes. A single charge can complete the cleaning of the entire family.

S4 dispels customers' concerns that the battery might not be sufficient for larger rooms because the S4 creates a good 100 square meters of space without any problems. If that is not enough, the S4 drives to the charging station to get new strength and start again at the same point in the room where it left off. 

Compared to S4, S6's Super strong 2700 PA suction power. The Tesvor S6 can vacuum the coarse dirt and has an intelligent wiping function today. The water tank is included. The S6 takes off the suction and wiping tasks, so you have more time for the family. As for the battery, a pack with 2500 mAh can still clean-up for up to 60 minutes with the highest suction power. It's beneficial for a large apartment, workshop or house. Thanks to the latest laser technology, the Tesvor S6 always finds back to its charging station to "recharge" and start cleaning where it left off

Brand new Tesvor APP using in S4.

With the brand new developed Tesvor APP, everything becomes much more manageable. You save a lot of time when setting up a schedule, and the connection is much more stable. Many settings have become much more straightforward. The clean works can be observed lively, and the "prohibited zones" can be marked more easily. No smartphone with you? Sure no problem. The S4 can also be easily controlled by Alexa or Google Home using voice commands. 

Both support Google Home and Alexa control.

Tesvor's Models before S4 used the old version of the APP (Weback), and the new Tesvor App comes with S4 together. The combination of the two makes your home cleaning experience smoother and more convenient.

With the OTA service update via the app, the Tesvor S6 is immediately ready to use. It shows Real-time cleaning and safety zones can be set up individually, even on the go. Perfect and just "smart." With the app, you can watch your Tesvor S6 at any time from anywhere it is the cleaning and at the same time give it further instructions, such as create new prohibited zones.

At the same time, you can buy S6, S6turbo, X500 and other models from now on, and replace the matching APP. I believe the new version of the APP will make you love it even more!

30-day money-back guarantee

If you have any technical problem with your product, please contact service@tesvor.com for the following help. We have a professional group of customer service to help you to solve your problem asap. Also, our 30-day-guarantee applies to both S4 and S6! We offer a 2-year guarantee and a 30-day money-back guarantee from the date of purchase. 

With the different series of Tesvor robot hot sales, Tesvor has made a name for itself in the Intelligent Robot vacuum cleaner industry. S4 and S6 are both high-quality products in the Tesvor brand and even in the sweeper market. If you are buying a sweeping robot for the first time and you are also very interested in laser navigation robots, then I recommend that you buy S4 as your first try. The entry-level laser navigation sweeper will surely satisfy you.

As a model with stronger suction and battery life, S6 is a loyal supporter of laser navigation series sweepers.

In advance, Tesvor will release a brand-new dust box that can use with S4 and S6 and other Tesvor robots. It is no longer necessary to clean the dust box, which will further liberate your hands.

Best time to take it home, good price on tesvor.com.

Tesvor-S4 for 249 US Dollar!

Tesvor-S6 for 239 US Dollar!

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